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So exhilirating!!! I can't wait to do it again!!!


Safety is our highest priority at Tiki Jet. All Tiki Jet flight are conducted under the supervision of instructors who maintain active Certified Flight Instructor status by Jetlev Technologies Inc, the developer and manufacturer of the Jetlev R200 jetpack system. In addition, each Tiki Jet experience is assisted by a “flight navigator” who maintains a close proximity to the jetpack by shadowing the new pilot on a jet ski to provide any support or assistance necessary.

All first time Tiki Jet pilots receive initial instruction before entering the water on the fundamentals of Jetlev control. Once in the water, our instructors maintain constant communication with the pilot through the use of helmets with integrated waterproof speaker systems while retaining control of the jetpack’s throttle via wireless remote control. These control mechanisms were specifically designed to ensure that every new pilot, regardless of individual athleticism or personal learning curve, can focus on the unbelievable feeling of personal flight previously reserved for dreams!

The Jetlev R200 jetpack system is the result of nearly a decade of extensive research and development. After achieving certification by the US Coast Guard, the device was first released to the public in late 2011. In the time since its release, the Jetlev has been flown by thousands of thrill seekers and maintains and unblemished record of safety.

For more information on the development and technology behind the Jetlev R200 system, please visit jetlev.com.