Best money I've spent on my entire trip to the Keys - that was AWESOME!


Tiki Jet Flight Experience

 $199 2016 Holiday Special:

30-45 Minute Jetpack or Flyboard Flight

  Discount Through January 10th 2017 (Normally $249)

The Tiki Jet Flight experience is the ideal package designed to teach first time flyers the principles of jetpack or flyboard flight. With a full 30 minutes of flight time allocated for each participant, new flyers are able to master basic stability and flight controls in a little as 3 minutes before moving on to more advance maneuvers including walking on water, low hovers, underwater submarines and high drops!

The entire Flight Experience will take a minimum of 1 hour (maximum of 2 hours) to complete.

Each Tiki Jet Flight Experience Includes:
⦁ Boat ride to flying site on our custom 30′ tiki themed pontoon (observers welcome if space available)
⦁ Detailed Jet Pack operation and safety briefing by Certified Jetlev Instructor before entering the water
⦁ Up to 30 minutes of Jetlev jetpack flying time (most first-time pilots are flying within the first 3-5 mins)
⦁ Live communication from the certified instructor on the boat via a walkie-talkie headset in the training helmet
⦁ Remote throttle control by the instructor (personal throttle control available in subsequent flights)
⦁ The experience of a lifetime and an unbelievable story to tell your friends!

In the event of inclement weather, appointments will be rescheduled or refunded based on the instructor’s determination of the weather conditions – clients must be present at the location and time of the appointment to receive refund or rescheduling. Activity starts no later then 10 minutes after take off time, no refunds will be granted if client shows up after the time has begun or fails to show up at all. Cancellations must be made 48 hrs prior to appointment in other case the activity fee will be charged/refund denied. Gift Certificates are non-refundable.